University of Oslo

University Colleges and Facilities
(Oslo, Norway)

The university's academic structure is organized into eight faculties. Each faculty is composed of a number of schools focusing on a particular area of expertise.

Faculty of Theology

This faculty is the oldest faculty of the university and was founded in 1811. The main focus of this faculty is to educate Norway's future priests by teaching them the traditions of theology such as the New and Old Testament, as well as contextual theology.

Faculty of Law

This faculty is one of the original four faculties of the university. It has played a major role in Norway's public life and focuses on criminal and civil law, as well as criminology, human rights, and European law.

Faculty of Medicine

This faculty was among the first four faculties established in the university. It is well known for its research and teaching in the fields of cancer research, neurobiology, transplantation immunology, and nutritional science.

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities was originally known as the Faculty of Philosophy. It was divided into two smaller faculties in 1861, and now offers over 80 subjects focusing on linguistics, history, and philosophy.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

This faculty was originally part of the Faculty of Philosophy. It offers excellent research programmes focusing on astrophysics, petroleum, environmental science, and IT.

Faculty of Dentistry

This faculty was formed in 1959 with the inclusion of the Norwegian School of Dentistry in the university. It focuses on oral health research and dental disease prevention, as well as various research endeavors.

Faculty of Social Sciences

This faculty was founded in 1963 and houses over 6,000 students and 300 staff members. It focuses its teaching and research in the fields of economics, psychology, human geography, sociology, political science, and social anthropology.

Faculty of Education

This faculty was founded in 1996 and is the university's newest faculty. It specializes in research in fields such as special pedagogy, education, and didactics.

Oslo University

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